The Walliserhof on fire: tradition, modernity and courage to take new paths

Great courage, determination and a good deal of curiosity: these were the things that the people who immigrated to Vorarlberg from the Swiss canton of Valais in the 14th century probably had in their luggage. The Walser people settled in the Brandnertal, shaped it with their culture and tradition - and gave their name to today's Walliserhof in Brand.

The people of Valais were "mountainous Lüt" who didn't mind wind, weather or terrain. The image of the rope team on the mountain still characterizes the descendants of these courageous people today.

We, the host family Berthold-Meyer, see ourselves with the whole team of the Walliserhof as such a rope team. It's all about pulling together and accepting challenges with verve and passion.

Growth and development
And there were and are many challenges! The origins of the Walliserhof go back to the time of the emperor. From 1896 until today wars, storms, fires and much more had to be survived.

The Walliserhof is proud of its living history and the further development associated with it. Today our owner-managed hotel in Vorarlberg radiates the flair, quality and energy of a grown business.

Hotel in third generation
We, Michaela and Raimund, now run the Walliserhof in the third generation - as a sporty four-star design hotel. We value our roots and local traditions.

At the same time, we are open to modernity. We drive unconventional solutions and innovative ideas with great awareness for change.
A hotel with character
That is why our hotel in Vorarlberg is a host business with an extraordinary character. We combine the energy of grown structures with modern zeitgeist. We use what is there - entirely in line with the company's sustainability philosophy. The appeal that sparks our passion again and again: rethinking, lateral thinking and rethinking are in demand!

Existing potential harmonises with new ideas and unmistakable design in the Walliserhof. A special feature of our hotel in Vorarlberg is the historical spaciousness of the architecture. It makes our house an unmistakable, inviting place of inspiration. Full of free spaces and cosy corners, which there is no second time!

DieThe origins of the Walliserhof go back to the times of the emperor. In 1896 the Kegele family built the Scesaplana Inn and Hotel from Brand. Summer visitors enjoyed the fresh mountain air and the green meadows of the Brandnertal in Vorarlberg, at an altitude of 1,050 metres.

In 1948 the Hotel Scesaplana burned to the ground. The Kegele family could not pay for the reconstruction. So it happened that the Liechtenstein construction company Frick not only built the house, but also kept it. The Fricks were our grandparents. This is how our family came to Brand - as lateral entrants into the hotel business.
In 1966, the family built the Hotel Scesaplana just opposite the Valais farm. Both hotels were managed independently by the sisters Ruth and Ida. The family went through good times and bad: She opened a tennis hall, founded the first golf course in Brand and experienced a fire in the Hotel Scesaplana.
2002 to 2006

In 2002
Michaela Berthold and Raimund Meyer joined the Hotel Walliserhof as managing directors. In 2004 they converted the former post office into a suite wing. A courageous step of departure and change that heralded the era of design and architecture in the Valais courtyard.

2006 to 2014
The following years were also marked by the courage to change and to think differently: In 2006 the Glacier Spa was integrated into the Walliserhof. In 2014 the Hotel Walliserhof was completely renovated and extended.

2018 to heute
In 2018 the host family Berthold-Meyer took over the Hotel Scesaplana. Since then, the four-star design hotel Walliserhof has been managed as a hotel with three buildings: the vintage Scesatrakt, the design-oriented Wallisertrakt and the modern Suitentrakt. The aim is to ensure that our hotel in the Alps continues to grow into a progressive and sustainable business full of joie de vivre, which the next generation will be happy to take over.


The Walliserhof brings you to life. 

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