Ready for a wellness weekend in Vorarlberg? Relax with the power of nature

Touching is balm for body and soul. Time is luxury. Relaxation forms the basis for deep relaxation. Enjoy this soothing triad at our WALLY Spa Treatments in the beautiful Brandnertal valley. And make yourself an unforgettable gift. As part of a hotel holiday or a day stay at the Day Spa.

No matter whether you book a facial treatment, a body peeling, a massage or an entire wellness weekend in our WALLY Spa in Vorarlberg: Now the moment has come when you can put all your thoughts aside. Throw off the ballast. Drop yourself. Have faith. Feeling safe and cared for.

Holistic treatments

The focus is on the human being. Our harmonizing applications not only activate skin and body, but also release new energy. Let us spoil you with our spa rituals during your holiday, wellness weekend in Vorarlberg or simply in between.

Our own cosmetics

For all our beauty treatments and body and facial treatments we use the high-quality products of our own natural cosmetic line with the power of rose hip and birch. From clarifying tonic to renewing peeling. From eye cream with edelweiss to face cream with eyebright and coltsfoot. Our spa therapists know what works.


  • Gesichtsbehandlungen

  • Körperbehandlungen

  • Manicure & Pediküre

  • Depilation & eyebrows / eyelash tinting

Relaxing massages

Relieve the strained shoulder. Rest your back. Boost blood flow. Activate the self-healing powers. In our hotel in Vorarlberg we spoil you with beneficial massages that stimulate the positive energy flow in your body. Blockades are loosened, mental tension is released. Our Ayurveda Special puts you in deep relaxation. The ayurvedic ear candle treatment relieves nervousness and stress.

WALLY: Pure nature on the Haut

plant power, time, leisure and centuries-old knowledge. All this can be found in our hotel's own natural cosmetics line WALLY. Exclusively produced for the Valais farm in Vorarlberg. There's nothing in here that doesn't grow with us. With oil from rose hips, birch extract, selected mountain herbs and original glacier water from Brand. Finest regional products with depth effect. Without paraffins, silicones and dyes. The natural formula protects the skin from external influences and helps the cells to regenerate. It couldn't be more original.

The facial treatment with Vorarlberg plant peeling was particularly beneficial? The whole body peeling extraordinarily invigorating? Fine. Simply take the natural feeling of well-being home with you. All of our natural cosmetic products are available at the WALLY Spa or at the reception desk at a cash and carry price.

Would you like a soothing facial treatment or a skilful massage in Vorarlberg? Book the relaxation with your hotel/spa stay or the wellness weekend in Vorarlberg with us! Please make your reservation by phone or e-mail!

Wally Spa Treatments

Perfect recovery for body and mind.

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