Walliserhof: Hotel in Brand im Vorarlberger Österreich

Hot and cool: The Glacier Spa at the hotel in Vorarlberg

Relaxation zone for active bodies

Take a break on the mountain stage at the Glacier Spa in your hotel in Vorarlberg – for both hotel and external guests.

We welcome you to come and enjoy our spa between 7am and 10 pm and also even before you occupy your room - simply relocate to the Glacier Spa and away you go!

Enjoy everything that's available. Recharge your batteries. Gain insights. Wind down at the sporty design hotel. Feel the benefits of treatments with natural products made from goat's milk, honey and rosehips.

The Glacier Spa at the Walliserhof is the relaxation zone for active bodies. The "Damasco Opale Mosaic" of our indoor pool has the effect of an abundant mantra. Swimming takes the form of a time-out from the daily grind. Press the bubble button and the water will dance around you. Energy for your mountain holiday.

After a hot pass through the Glacier Spa's sauna, take a dip in the clear water of our pool. Leave all your cares behind you next to the fireplace in our winter garden. Stretch out on the loungers. Take a deep breath. The tranquility of the Brandner Valley. The rush of the Alvier stream. The romanticised views.

Refreshments during your spa break: Fresh apples, a selection of herbal teas and Grander water are available at the tea bar. Simply help yourself.

And then continue to enjoy your break in the Glacier Spa at the hotel in Vorarlberg ...

Day spa in the Brandner Valley

By the way, there's also a day spa available at the Walliserhof. Make an enquiry on +43 (0)5559 241. Our day spa offer: 33€ per person, Special offer times: 8am -12 midday just 12€, 7pm -10pm just 10€.

    Spa holiday in the Brandner Valley: Glacier Spa saunas

    One thing is certain: the spa experience during your holiday in the Brandner Valley. Hang up your bathrobe on the mountaineering carbine in the Glacier Spa and head off into the saunas.

    • Pine steam bath: At a room temperature of 42-45°C sweat it out, relax and purge the body in high humidity.
    • Herbal sauna: A pleasant 60°C and a view of the natural surroundings – it's really easy to switch off and wind down here. The herbal sauna is especially beneficial for sufferers of asthma and for people with respiratory ailments.
    • Relaxation zone: Simply do nothing except relax between the sauna passes. Sit by the crackling fire in the winter garden. Relaxation between periods of relaxation.

    In the garden you can continue your break. The Schesaplana – the highest mountain in the Rätikon range – is clearly in view. A terrific chance to recharge the batteries on this mountain stage.

    Our saunas are constantly hot between 10am and 8pm. Children are not allowed in the sauna area. Our pool area is a quiet zone from 5pm and children are not permitted access after this time.

    • "Treat yourself to yourself!"

      Bernhard von Clairvaux

    For a wellness kick in Austria: Spa packages

    There's plenty of pampering available with the spa packages in Austria. Get the ultimate wellness kick during your mountain holiday at the Walliserhof.

    Brand Beauty Spa treatments at the hotel

    The mountains are outside. At the spa hotel in Brand it's the people who come first. Activate the skin and the body. Release that energy.

    Climb the height of nature. At the Brand Beauty Spa ascend into relaxation uniquely and sensually. Massages from professional hands. Beauty with the power of plants, goat's butter and honey. Highly effective well-being.

    Choose your massage and wellness and beauty treatments.

    • Eyebrow shaping

      € 13.50 per person
    • Eyebrow tint

      € 13.50 per person
    • Epilation Underarm

      € 21.-- per person
    • Epilation Back or Chest

      € 33.-- per person
    • Epilation Entire legs

      € 42.-- per person
    • Epilation Face

      € 13.50 per person
    • French varnish

      25 minutes of pure indulgence...
      € 27.-- per person
    • Medical pedicure (without varnish)

      50 minutes of pure indulgence...
      € 68.-- per person
    • Sisley Phyto – Aromatique Treatment

      100 minutes of pure indulgence...
      € 150.-- per person
    • Garshan & Padabhyanga

      95 minutes of pure indulgence...
      Duration: approx. 95 min.
      € 102.-- per person
    • Garshan

      60 minutes of pure indulgence...
      € 81.-- per person
    • Hot Stone Massage

      60 minutes of pure indulgence...
      € 75.-- per person
    • Ear-candling

      25 minutes of pure indulgence...
      € 29.-- per person
    • Padabhyanga

      50 minutes of pure indulgence...
      € 72.-- per person
    • Pantai Luar

      60 minutes of pure indulgence...
      € 90.-- per person
    • Beauty Day

      Booked separately € 264.00 - NOW JUST 234,00
      € 234.-- per person
    • Pure Relaxation

      Booked separately € 219.00 - NOW JUST 197,00
      € 197.-- per person
    • It's a man's world!

      Booked separately € 207.00 - NOW JUST 187,00
      € 177.-- per person
    • Wellness Day

      Booked separately € 173.00 - NOW JUST 147,00
      € 137.-- per person
    • Foot Reflexology Zone Massage

      € 51.-- per person
    • Classic Massage 25 min

      25 minutes of pure indulgence...
      Duration: approx. 25 min.
      € 33.-- per person
    • Classic Massage 40 min

      40 minutes of pure indulgence...
      Duration: approx. 40 min.
      € 45.-- per person
    • Classic Massage 50 min

      50 minutes of pure indulgence...
      Duration: approx. 50 min.
      € 54.-- per person
    • Lymph drainage

      60 minutes of pure indulgence...
      € 63.-- per person
    • Magnetic field therapy

      12 minutes of pure indulgence...
      € 12.-- per person
    • Massage combination

      40 minutes of pure indulgence...
      € 55.-- per person
    • New Smile Massage

      30 minutes of pure indulgence...
      € 48.-- per person
    • 1 Sports Massage

      40 minutes of pure indulgence...
      € 42.-- per person
    • Moor body mask

      70 minutes of pure indulgence...
      Duration: approx. 70 min.
      € 75.-- per person
    • Sisley Phyto – Aromatique Full Body Massage

      55 minutes of pure indulgence...
      € 63.-- per person
    • Sisley Phyto – Aromatique Full Body Massage

      55 minutes of pure indulgence...
      € 63.-- per person
    • Chalk Body Pack

      45 minutes of pure indulgence...
      € 54.-- per person
    Give the gift of a beauty spa treatment in Brand: you'll find the gift vouchers here.

    Fitness in Brand: Strength from the mountains

    The endorphines cheer. Keep fit while looking out of the panoramic windows. That's what fitness in Brand is all about.

    The views motivate. Strength and stamina are guaranteed. Treadmill, ergometer, bike and weights – healthy exercise in the sporty design hotel. And then it's out into the mountains.

    Please note that children under 14 years are not allowed in the gym for safety reasons.

    Have fun recharging the batteries in the spa at our hotel in Vorarlberg.